Rio understands the chest of ‘Tuchel’ chops ‘Bohley’ too much

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Football guru Rio Ferdinand has revealed he had the opportunity to interview and speak with Thomas Tuchel a few days before his sacking. The former Singha team still looks proud of the work done. Ready to ask questions to the new owner Todd Bohley about interfering with the work of the consultant too.

The new owners of the Singha team made a sensational release of Tuchel after the 1-0 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb in the middle of last week. Before appointing Graham Potter, Brighton’s manager Came to work instead

. Recently, Rio spoke on the Vibe with FIVE show. Telling the event that it was unbelievable because Tuchel still looks very proud of this job.

“It’s a big deal that the manager was fired. And it happened,” Rio said.

“I had the opportunity to meet him. I had an interview a few days before the incident. We talk about Chelsea. how to deal with structure and future plans”

“It’s really crazy. unbelievable when hearing the news. Because from the way he talks to me on and off screen It’s like he’s very proud to work there.” the UFABET report

“I had the opportunity to talk to the people behind the scenes. And from reliable news sources The coaching staff were equally shock. With everyone from the outside.”

“Staff spent a lot of time talking to the owner. And from what I’ve talked Tuchel and the team have never had to engage with the owners as much in their careers.

” and it’s too much from what i heard He is interested in what should be left for the manager to do

. Draft a “4-4-3” game plan, indicating his lack of football knowledge. and try to choose your own team on race day

Rio blames Bohley if he does as the news comes out and doesn’t blame Tuchel if the German coach. There will be some distance from the new owner.

“I heard about it. They try to influence the selection of players. and when you get to that point It’s not surprising that a manager needs to respond.” Rio added

Tuchel with the personality and character he is. He certainly wouldn’t accept this. Some people might do as the new owner orders, but Tuchel isn’t like that.

Rio has also questioned whether Bohley will continue to interfere with new manager Potter.

“There are a lot of comments that have been discussed behind the scenes and trying to manipulate the game plan. And the player the new owners would like to remove from the starting lineup, Mendy is one of them in terms of footwork

. The manager has a responsibility to deal with this. You have invested in hiring a professional to work here. it’s interesting that Will he be involved in Potter’s work?”

“I think there must be a thorough understanding of the game of football. it is a must have It’s very different from the American Games. I don’t know of any other business that allows one person to spend money. And then have someone else come in to do it?”

“I hope it will work for him. I really hope so.”