Revealed that “Kante” did not accept a new contract, chelsea

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According to The UFABET  reporter David Ornstein. N’Golo Kante has rejected the new contract offered by Chelsea and if negotiations are not finalized. The diligent midfielder will move for a free transfer sometime next year,

Kante’s contract at Stamford Bridge expires next year and the “Blues” are in talks over a contract extension. It has been in existence since 2021,

prior to the change of management. Chelsea offered Kante a three-year contract with the option of a further year. But talks stalled when owner Roman Abramovich in the That was sanctioned by the British government.

The report also stated that Last August, after Chelsea had a new owner. I made an initial offer to Kante to extend. The contract for another 2 years with an option for another year.

However, now the 31-year-old Shin has not accepted the offer. Because they want a longer contract period than the one being submitted

Kalidou Koulibaly, who is Kante’s age, and 33-year-old striker Pierre-Emerick-Aubameyang. Who recently joined Chelsea, have both been awarded four-year contracts with

Thomas Tuchel. l former team manager He said in an interview that Chelsea must consider Kante’s injury in the negotiations for a new contract.

Last season, Kante had knee, groin problems and COVID-19. Causing him to miss the field to help the team to 16 matches this season, he has only played two matches

. If Chelsea still negotiate a contract with Kante is not successful, the French national team will begin to talk to find a new agency from On January 1,

Rayan added that two Premier League teams, including those from Spain, Germany and France, are interested in signing Kante for free.