Pep encourages his team! Don’t let ‘Chelsea’ ruin the championship party.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has urged his players to speed up and finish off the Premier League title this weekend. To help the chances of winning 3 championships more possible, ready to insist on not wanting to leave a message to Nottingham Forest, which has a program to meet Arsenal 1 day before them,

the situation to win the Premier League title is now in the hands of the sailing team. When they are ahead of Arsenal The second-placed side are four points and played one game less,

meaning Arsenal, with two games in hand, must beat Forest. and then go to hope for the sailing team to stumble and lose points in the game against Chelsea this sunday to renew and win the next championship. The UFABET report

“You have to control it, you have to be consistent, we can’t lose our focus right now,” Pep warned his players not to let Chelsea spoil their title plans.

“Every game we win will help the next game. The sooner we win the league, the more time we have to prepare for our next games, the FA Cup and Champions League final. It gives us a better physical condition ′

′ Now it’s coming to the hardest point. A tennis player once said: Serving to win Wimbledon is toughest, this Sunday The game is in our hands to win the most important competition

. When we played United to become champions in 2018 we were 2-0 up at half-time but ended in defeat. And last year’s Aston Villa game, we had 20 minutes left to miss the Premier League title at home ′′

In my heart, I want to feel that we are going to be champions. This is what we think We can’t control the forest. We only have to do our own work.”