‘Origi’ was injured more than Milan expected.

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the UFABET report that Divock Origi striker With injuries that are heavier than expected by AC Milan, the 27-year-old has not started for the “Red Devils” even a single game. And prepare to miss the next two games where the team will face Dinamo, Zagreb and Napoli.

At first, it was estimate that Origi had a problem in the thigh muscle. But now it seems that the injury is affecting the tendon. which was more severe than previously expected.

The problem initially seemed to be located in his thigh muscles, but it turns out the problem is more serious than expected and affects his tendons. The forward will fly to Belgium for a consultation with the doctors of the Belgian national team who treated him while he was undergoing treatment after leaving Liverpool and before joining Milan.

The goal is to try to resolve the inflammation of that tendon, because that is what is leading to the muscle overloads which do not allow him to work continuously. Every two or three training sessions, Origi is now forced to stop and the therapy he will undergo will be aimed at eliminating this problem.

In the next few days, Origi will travel to Belgium. to consult with the doctors of the national team Who had treated him during the expiration of his contract with Liverpool and has not moved to Milan

, Origi wants to shake off this injury as quickly as possible. To get a chance to play in Stefano Pioli’s squad, he now needs to rest every two to three training sessions to avoid overwork.