Klopp Worst loss to Napoli since Liverpool – must start at defense

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits losing 4-1 to Napoli was his worst form since he took over. and pointed out that the solution must start from the defensive game first

The middle of last week in football In the Champions League, Klopp led the “Reds” defeated Napoli 4-1 after the game, the manager Jompress. Interviewed that his team had to change.

Liverpool are coming back to kick. Champions League again on Tuesday By visiting Ajax and Klopp gave an interview to reveal his feelings. After analyzing the game against Napoli, he said:

“I looked back at the Napoli game many times and sat and thought about a lot of things, and to be honest, the game was like a horror movie.

” Also, they already know things, but seeing the incident again makes it clearer.”

“That was our worst game since I came in charge, and everyone knows we’ve played a lot of bad games,”

he said. where we played the wrong form, but in those games we still had the light flickering But for this game we don’t have any. the UFABET report

“So of course we need to understand the reason why it happened, I think the form of the game is not normal, I think it’s more about the player’s personal performance

. I think 8 out of 11 players are below the standard and the other 3 are not in top form, just playing up to the standard

. people as a team And that’s the first thing we have to do.

” Everything we’ve done since I came here And that’s what every football team does. is to have a strong defensive base or it might even be almost perfect.”

“Defensively is where everything starts, and that’s something we have to fix, and we’ve fixed it.”