Football Betting

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Football betting is a bet made by predicting the outcome. Of an upcoming football match. Like other sports betting Like any other type of gambling, bet football in Thailand is classified as an illegal activity. 

Football betting in Thailand
   There are 3 main types of football bet in Thailand: – Head-to
        -head betting
        – Gambling at the smaller betting tables
        – Gambling at the Big Tables.

Differences between football betting in Thailand and in England

Football betting in Thailand It differs from football betting in England in many respects:
  – England’s payouts are paid before football starts. If you win, you will get both the first part and the prize money. For Thailand, it pays after the race. If you lose, you have to bring money to pay.
   – Football betting in Thailand is illegal. But in England, there is a legal football bet
  – English odds are popular to bet on which team will win or draw, which will be different in the prize money, such as the Thai national team competing with the Italian national team. Thailand wins 1 pays 21 (including cost) Italy wins, bets 3, pays 4, draws, bets 3, pays 5, etc. สมัคร UFABET

How to bet on football in Thailand

Because bet on football in Thailand is illegal, so don’t play. or the person who operates the business to play is guilty of Gambling Act, B.E. 2478, the method of playing is therefore invalid.

But can be summarized in 4 ways as follows
: 1. Bet on football with friends or acquaintances. It’s a very popular way that Thai people start to enter the gambling industry
. This will be risky in terms of legal matters under the Gambling Act. 
3. Bet on football with online football tables or online agents. In which the player does not play directly with the dealer or the casino company, but has to go through the ball table. Or agents again without playing through the Internet system, not meeting the ball table or the agent directly.
4. Bet on football directly with legal foreign casino companies located abroad. The players will play through the Internet directly with the company, but only in foreign countries.