English Football League confirmed to come back to play this week

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English Football League matches will resume on Tuesday and the FA has announced fixtures will go ahead this weekend – though fans are still awaiting an outcome on the Premier League.

The Premier League has announced that competition will resume this weekend. But the games between Chelsea vs Liverpool and Manchester United vs Leeds United will be postpone. Because of the royal funeral Queen Elizabeth II

announced that the Premier League has consulted clubs. The police and relevant authorities. Saw that there was no choice but to postpone the competition The new kick-off date will be announced later.

As for the competition between Brighton and Crystal Palace. Which was previously announced to be postponed. It will be postponed again as before. The UFABET report

English Football League matches will go ahead throughout the week and over the course of next weekend, including fixtures being played at clubs in and around London in the days before the state funeral on Monday September 19.

For the remaining seven games, the Premier League confirmed that it would return to normal kicks.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place next Monday. And it will require approximately 10,000 police personnel to keep it safe. which many media assumed to be the reason behind this postponement order