Atletico Madrid aims to strengthen the rising midfielder this January.

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Andrea Berta, Atletico Madrid‘s Italian sporting director plans to sign more young midfielders in January. Relebo sports reported on Sunday that. Atletico Madrid plans to sign another young midfielder in January. While no specifics have been given. Italian sporting director Andrea Berta is expect to have a target in mind.

Atletico Madrid lost Tomas Lemar and Pablo Barrios to injury and will be sidelined for a long time. That makes Atletico Madrid ready to enter the winter market in January to sign a new midfielder to strengthen the team. The club will invest in young players who can develop for the future like Samuel Lino and Samuel Omorodian. Who have shone on the Liga stage this season. Even though the latter move to play with Alaves on a loan contract ทางเข้า UFABET 

If the Atletico team proceeds according to the said plan. This means that Guido Rodriguez, Real Betis’ Argentine national midfielder will have his chance cut out immediately. As the Argentinian is already 29 years old, he does not fit into the club’s long-term plans. But right now there is no clear target that Atletico Madrid will sign which player.

And recently, it was report that Atletico Madrid has become another team from Spain. Apart from the Barcelona team who express interest in bringing Mata back to play in his hometown again. With Diego Simeone, the Argentine coach, confident that. Mata will help the team compete for the championship against two leading teams like Real Madrid and Barca. It got closer.