Symptoms of people with diabetes

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Symptoms of people with diabetes.

If discussed in general terms, the symptoms of people with diabetes include frequent urination. Have lost weight, often feel hungry, and sometimes feel tired. This is due to high blood sugar. Now let’s take a look a little deeper at what additional symptoms people with diabetes can show. Report from สมัคร ufabet

In normal people who do not have diabetes, before eating breakfast their blood sugar level will be only 70 – 110 mg%. After eating breakfast for about 2 hours, their blood sugar level will not exceed 70 – 110 mg%. 140 mg%, which with low sugar levels may not show any symptoms. For the diagnosis of diabetes, it can done by drawing blood. There are symptoms that are commonly found as follows:

  • People who don’t have diabetes usually don’t get up to urinate in the middle of the night. Or urinate a lot, not more than 1 time. When the sugar level in the bloodstream exceeds 180 mg%, the sugar will excrete through the urine. This causes frequent urination and loss of fluid. You may also find that your own urine contains ants.
  • People with diabetes are often thirsty. This is due to the need to replace water that the body excretes through urine.
  • Have symptoms of fatigue Weight loss occurs because the body is unable to use available sugar. Therefore, the protein and fat parts were decompos.
  • Patients are often hungry and eat well. But on the contrary Body weight will continue to decrease. It occurs because the body is unable to use sugar for energy. Therefore, energy is broken down from fat and protein from muscles instea.
  • Other symptoms that may found include infection, slow healing of wounds, or itching in various parts of the body.
  • Itching occurs on the skin. have a fungal infection Especially in the vaginal area of ​​women. As for other causes The cause of itching may cause by skin that is too dry. Or have inflammation of the skin
  • blurry vision Blurred vision to the point of having to change glasses frequently. This may be due to vision changes such as nearsightedness, cataracts, or high blood sugar.
  • Numbness in various parts occurs. No sensation, pain in the arms and legs, erectile dysfunction. due to long-term high blood sugar levels As a result, the nerves become deteriorated. It’s easy to get foot ulcers. Because I don’t have feelings.
  • Vomiting may occur.

When the sugar level in the bloodstream is high and diabetes has present for a while. 

There may be complications with small blood vessels call Microvascular. If this complication occurs, it can cause kidney disease, diabetes in the eyes. In addition, if large arteries become hardene, it is call Macrovascular. That will cause coronary artery disease, paralysis, and narrowed arteries in the legs. It will also cause inflammation of the nerve endings, called Neuropathic, which causes numbness in the legs and muscle weakness. and the autonomic nerves can deteriorate

If you have these symptoms Combined with eating habits that are not careful about starch and sugar, you may assume that you are at a high chance of having diabetes. Therefore, you should see a doctor immediately. A detailed examination and continue treatment

How is diabetes diagnose?

Initially, when we travel to see a doctor. The doctor will start asking about symptoms. History of illness Including family members Then there will be a physical examination. Blood test for sugar levels There are several methods for analyzing sugar levels as follows:

  • Method 1: Check blood sugar levels at any time.
  • Method 2: Checking blood sugar levels after fasting for at least 8 hours.
  • Method 3: Testing the response of hormonal insulin to blood sugar levels.
  • Method 4 : Cumulative average sugar test or hemoglobin A1C