Check before eating, including high-sugar fruits.

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Anyone who especially likes to eat fruit. Today you have to follow us carefully because we will take you to check before tasting which fruits are extremely high in sugar. Anyone who is on a diet or who has diabetes but wants to eat fruit. Let’s check briefly. What kinds of fruits are high in sugar? will be able to limit the quantity correctly Let me tell you that each type must be discouraged because they’re all popular. If you’re ready, come on.


Includes high sugar fruits: Durian

📣Even though it’s delicious, But let me tell you that durian comes with a very high amount of sugar. 100 grams of durian comes with up to 21 grams of sugar. And before we finished eating one, we received a lot of sugar. It is also a high-calorie fruit. It is considered another fruit that diabetics or people ยูฟ่าเบท who are on a diet should reduce or avoid altogether. But if anyone wants to eat it, we can recommend fried durian. It’s crunchy and not too high in sugar.


Includes high-sugar fruits: Bananas

🍌Let’s follow each other in a row. with the multi-purpose public fruit like bananas Although there are many benefits Rich in various vitamins and minerals. including dietary fiber But different types of bananas Bananas are fruits that come with a lot of sugar, with 100 grams of bananas containing 19-22 grams of sugar. This also depends on the species of banana. It is also a food that has a lot of calories. Anyone who can control their sugar may need to avoid eating other fruits.


Includes high-sugar fruits: Longan

Even though it is sweet and refreshing in both liquid and tablet form. But longan is another fruit that is high in sugar. 100 grams of longan has approximately 118 grams of sugar, or approximately 111 calories. It is another fruit that has a lot of sugar. And try to imagine that if we took longan to process Whether welded or made into water Let me tell you that sugar is multiplied by 2 times 3 if anyone really wants to eat it. You may choose to have dried longan, it will help reduce the sugar somewhat.

🌟 Lychee

Includes high-sugar fruits: lychees

Another high-sugar fruit that is a favorite of people who like freshness is Nong Lychee. But they come with a lot of sugar as well, with 100 grams of lychees containing as much as 14 grams of sugar. The smaller ones are fun to chew, I can tell you that if you buy just one and you’ll eat it all. Sugar will definitely flow together.


Includes high sugar fruits: Rambutan

Another fruit that is popular for processing. Whether it’s candied rambutan or dried rambutan, they also have a lot of sugar. 1 rambutan is equivalent to 1.3 tablespoons of sugar. Or if you think about it, it’s about 5 balls, 150 kilocalories, which is considered very high. It’s equivalent to eating a small bowl of noodles. If someone is losing weight and accidentally eats many rambutans, Let me tell you, I’m definitely fatter than before.

🌟 Ripe mango

Includes high-sugar fruits: ripe mangoes

🥭Let’s end it sweetly. Easy to eat with ripe mangoes. Public fruit that we often like to eat in various desserts. Or eat it with sticky rice. 100 grams of ripe mango provides more than 14 grams of sugar. It is also considered a high sugar fruit. Not suitable for people who control their sugar or their weight in any way. But if it’s raw mango, you may reduce the sugar. But it is still a fruit that is high in carbohydrates. The more you eat, the more you will definitely swell.

🙇🏻‍♀️How are you? For the high sugar fruits that we have brought to you. Let me tell you that all kinds are delicious. Especially durian is a fruit that many people like very much. If anyone is on a diet or losing weight, You can control your sugar and eat it. But you may have to limit the quantity a bit. Or it may be processed into something else, such as fried durian. Next time, we’ll take you to see what kind of fruit or have any health stories. Don’t forget to follow