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Monthly Archives: April 2024

“10 ways to manage stress” are easy to do and really work.

accelerating people’s stress. including economic problems, work, study, traffic, relationships, and the most serious is probably the COVID-19 epidemic. This article will suggest ways to manage stress that can help relieve stress. How to manage stress Stress disease , although it appears to be a disease

7 Green Leafy Vegetables, Good And Beneficial To Eat

Eating green leafy vegetables is an important part of providing the body with various beneficial vitamins and minerals. It helps in the functioning of various systems such as the nervous system, blood system, and immune system. and vision as normal and prevent the development of

Cucumber, benefits, properties, precautions

Cucumber is a type of vegetable that Thai people know and are familiar with. It is often used as a dipping sauce, various chili pastes, fermented soybean paste, etc., or as a side dish for single dishes such as chicken rice and red pork rice. In