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Monthly Archives: December 2023

Ange said Spurs were lucky.

Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou insists his side were lucky to still be in the game heading into halftime. After escaping losing many goals In the football game that tied Manchester City 3-3 in the 90th minute. “It’s a fun game. Many times in the game We were lucky to

Leverkusen 1 – Dortmund 1

Leverkusen Missed the opportunity to score and escape from Bayern Munich, whose program was postponed this week. When they could only pursue a 1-1 draw with Borussia Dortmund at home in German Bundesliga football. Having played for only 5 minutes. It became Dortmund who came out to

Manchester City 3 – Spurs 3

Spurs showed off their cheating, scoring a goal to tie Manchester City 3-3 in the 90th minute in a game. Where they took turns leading and following each other in a very fun way. In the 6th minute, Spurs took a 1-0 lead when Dejan